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Suicide Is A Growing Problem in Virginia. Here’s What You Can Do About It

Suicide is a heavy topic to bring up in any conversation. That’s why it is often relegated to news reports, statistics, and suicide prevention programs. But maybe now is the time for people to break the silence on the topic. As the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reported in 2016, suicide rates have been rising [...]

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When Your Crawl Space Needs a Thorough Clean

    In recent years, some homeowners have chosen to have a crawl space built as their homes' foundation instead of the regular basement. Unlike basements, crawl spaces are not as expensive to build or as labor-intensive. Far fewer materials are also used when building this type of foundation than the usual basements. As the [...]

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The Importance of Having your Crawl Space Cleaned

You're one of those people who is meticulous when it comes to cleaning the home. Specks of dust on your table, soil tracked inside your hallway by your pets, food waste—all of these are no match to your cleaning power. Your guests often compliment you for your nice and clean house. In spite of your [...]

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The Horror Underneath: The Things that Thrive Inside your Home’s Neglected Crawl Space

Cleaners—especially the ones who specialize in difficult cleanups—have probably seen it all. But one type of cleanup that can be especially hard because of the types of things that lurk or have grown underneath the floor is crawl space cleaning. Apart from the space constraints, a crawl space can become a chamber of horrors (albeit [...]

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