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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Trauma Cleanup?

When it comes to trauma cleanup or blood cleanup, you can be certain that the costs will be quite expensive. This is especially true if the incident isn’t covered by homeowners insurance. Insurers are usually informed by insurance companies of what their chosen policy will cover and the level of coverage they’re comfortable with.

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But one thing that most people fail to consider is whether or not their insurance will cover trauma cleanup related to incidents within the home. Incidents like suicide and murder can cause significant damage to your property and the bodily fluids carry pathogens that can lead to serious diseases.

This makes remediation services very important so that all the affected sites are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Here’s what you need to know about homeowners insurance and whether it covers you from trauma cleanup.

How to know if your policy covers trauma cleanup

If you’re uncertain about whether or not your policy covers trauma or suicide cleanup, the first thing you should do is talk to your insurance adjuster. While most remediation companies will handle the cleanup and make claims through your insurance provider, there are no guarantees in terms of the coverage your policy provides.

When you contact your provider, be sure to speak to your insurance adjuster and not your insurance agent. This is because insurance agents focus more on benefits, new policies, and prospective clients while insurance adjusters are deeply ingrained with their insurer’s policies. 

The latter has a better understanding of the level of coverage your policy offers and clarify grey areas in between them.

What to do if your policy doesn’t cover trauma cleanup

If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover trauma cleanup, do not attempt to clean up the site by yourself. Very few people have the skills and equipment to handle trauma cleanup. The last thing you want is to expose yourself to harmful microorganisms that can seriously affect your health.

There’s more to trauma cleanup than just physically cleaning the site. Remediation companies focus on disinfecting the entire site so no potential hazards remain after the job is done. Contact a licensed remediation company and let them handle the trauma cleanup for your safety.

Some organisations provide financial assistance in case your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover trauma cleanup. You can look them up online or even ask your local government to see if you can get any help. Do not work with companies that advertise their services as free as these are often untrue and come with hidden costs along with it.


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Can your insurance provider choose the remediation company?

No. Your insurance provider cannot direct you to a certain remediation company as they will be accused of steering which is illegal in most states. As an insurer, you have a right to premium service and your insurance provider is obligated to pay for that service (provided that it’s covered under your policy).

Do not settle for anything less as trauma cleanup is a serious task that should be handled by qualified and experienced companies.

Say a tragedy occurs in your home and a remediation company cleans up the site. Now, your two-year-old child comes into the home, picks up a toy from the already cleaned-up site, and puts it in their mouth. Are you confident that the remediation company thoroughly disinfected your property?

With a high-quality service from a team of professionals, you can rest assured that your child is safe from harmful pathogens and bacteria. If your child got sick or severely ill, you know that the company will be held liable. Hiring a subpar company puts the ball in your court and makes you liable for your child’s illness. Not only that, but an actionable lawsuit can be taken against you as well!

How Aftercare can help

Here at Aftercare, we understand how facing these types of tragedies can take you by surprise, hence the reason we accept many types of insurance policies and payment plans to help you move forward with the incident.

Alongside our competitively priced hourly rates,  several factors can affect the cost of our services such as:

  • The number of affected rooms
  • The amount of structural damage
  • The length of time the body was left unattended
  • Additional complications (e.g. hoarding, machinery, large amounts of personal property)

If you’re paying with insurance, our standard service includes detailed documentation of the before and after treatment. Our team will work with your insurance provider to resolve the payments so that you’re left with the deductible only.

Even if you don’t have insurance, you still have options to choose from. We offer payment options and assist with third-party sources of funding like:

  • Victims compensation assistance
  • Discount programs
  • Payment plans
  • Aftermath financial assistance, if eligible

We believe that no one should bear the responsibility of cleaning up after a traumatic incident. The process alone is already challenging and even more so when it involves a loved one or a family member. Here at Aftercare, we provide compassionate and customer-focused service. If you or someone you know will benefit from our trauma cleanup services, feel free to contact us today and we’ll gladly be of assistance.