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Being fully prepared to respond to death is nearly impossible. When it comes to decomposition cleanup, people are often unaware of its correct procedures. This ignorance results in areas becoming unfit for living after unattended deaths. 

Aftercare uses the right techniques, equipment, and methods to deal with unattended death properly. Going beyond thorough cleanups, our team of specialists ensures to treat each case with utter care and courtesy.

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Algor mortis occurs immediately after the heart stops pumping blood. During this process, wherein the body’s temperature gradually decreases to match its surroundings, bacteria begin to generate a foul odor. On top of that, various gases also start to build up inside the body. 

As you can imagine, innumerable harmful bacteria and bodily liquids get released into the area surrounding the corpse. In dealing with the affected regions of decomposition, Aftercare’s team of specialists follows strict guidelines. Moreover, the following explains how we deal with various concerns:

  • Bloodborne pathogens: Contaminated blood carries infectious microorganisms that can cause diseases detrimental to the health. Specifically, harmful microorganisms in the blood can cause HIV, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B. The Aftercare decontamination process will be done using the right cleaning and disinfecting equipment. 

The blood cleanup will involve transferring any contaminated items inside bags to be given to a licensed infectious waste removal company. Moreover, the team will perform meticulous inspections for even the smallest blood drops within the affected regions.  

  • Putrid gases: The pungent odor of a corpse worsens the longer it sits, and getting rid of the foul smell caused by decomposition can get extremely difficult. Aftercare makes use of special commercial-grade chemicals that can eliminate even the most intense odors.  

Sometimes, these gases leave traces on walls and ceilings too. In that case, using store-bought chemicals and endless scrubbing is not enough to get rid of them.  Aftercare follows a series of steps that includes ventilating the area and using additional cleaning agents to remove the smell of decomposition inside the area thoroughly. At the end of the procedure, we also leave absorbing elements to help with any lingering odors.

Porous materials: Surfaces with void spaces such as untreated carpets and wood easily absorb liquids. When a body decomposes, harmful bacteria often seep into these materials. With that in mind, we avoid cleaning them and dispose of these surfaces instead.

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  • Evaluation and assessment

The assessment process will begin upon arrival on the scene. The Aftercare team will carefully determine the severity of the situation and how much space has actually been affected by decomposition. This includes finding out how far bodily fluid and gases have traveled around the area. 

  • Cleanup 

After gauging the intensity of the situation, Aftercare will start removing all the infected and contaminated materials from the site. Once that has been accomplished, we will carefully eliminate traces of blood, bodily fluids, and gases. 

Wearing the appropriate gear to handle biohazards, Aftercare will begin cleaning the surfaces near the corpse. If the body has been sitting for a long time, blood may have already soaked into floors and subfloors. This will require us to remove the flooring to avoid health risks. 

  • Disinfection 

The next step is disinfecting and deodorizing the space. Using strong chemicals, the Aftercare team will thoroughly go over every corner of the scene to ensure every spot has been accounted for. Moreover, we will apply the needed compounds to remove foul odor. 

  • Restoration 

Most areas infected with decomposition become unsafe and unlivable. Aftercare’s services will do the necessary restorations to give you a safe place, free of all biohazards and contaminated materials. 

  • Reassessment 

After performing the cleanup and removal of contaminations, we will disinfect the whole site and reassess cleanliness. Aftercare will ensure that the place is up to standard and livable. 


Dealing with decomposition calls for meticulous, intricate, and cautious approaches that true and trained professionals can carry out. Only experts in the field can accomplish proper protection from the dangers of infected blood, bodily fluids, and gases.  Moreover, controlling the situation on your own with store-bought materials will only bring you more problems and health risks. 

Specific regulations and standards should also be followed when handling unattended deaths. Aftercare observes all safety regulations to ensure the area is left free of contamination. 


Aftercare understands the trauma brought by death, and we aim to lift some burden off your shoulders through our services. Not only will we work with utmost care and compassion, but we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to complete each case following every safety precaution and guidelines. We handle every case with deep sincerity, and you will be served with firm respect and confidentiality. 


Dealing with death is one of the most challenging situations one can face in life. Moreover, the duty of cleaning up decomposition sites should not be performed by a person who has a weak stomach and is inexperienced. Moreover, the grieving family should not go through the added stress of eliminating the biohazards in the site. Aftercare has a team of professionals who will handle these difficult situations with care and integrity. 

No situation is too challenging for the Aftercare team to handle. 

If you are in need of any cleanup services regarding decomposition, you will receive help from us immediately. 

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