Covid 19 Clean up

How to clean your workplace after Coronavirus Covid-19.

Covid 19 Clean up
Cleaning Covid- 19

SARS-CoV-2 is a new infectious strain of virus sweeping the world. Believed to have originated in China this virus is having devastating effects on human health and economies all over the globe. This virus attacks the respiratory system in all its victims and can be deadly. Covid-19 is highly contagious and will spread rapidly if the proper protocol is not followed.

Cleaning office areas after Coronavirus

This virus can be deactivated if the proper cleaning steps are taken. With a protective membrane covering it Covid-19 can live on surfaces for extended amount of time. This is where the battle against the virus can be won. Kill times are the amount of time a cleaner leaves the proper disinfectant on a surface. Following guidelines from the local health department, Aftercare technicians wipe down surfaces to break the protective covering leaving the virus open to the disinfectant we are using to kill it. When the surface remains wet for the recommended amount of time it renders the virus inactive. Our cleaners are thorough, as they move from desk to desk we wipe down the all items we feel could be contaminated by Virus and bacteria.

Fogging with chemicals in the work place.

Many cleaning companies only fog office space and do not wipe down work areas. Aftercare knows this is incomplete cleaning.

Many places a workers hands can touch will not be accessible to fogging mist. This leaves behind contamination and the possibility of virus. Every work space is unique and needs a specific tailored plan to clean and disinfect all areas. If you need a company to deactivate the risk of a Coronavirus outbreak in any type work area Aftercare is available to you 24 hours a day.

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