crime scenes have many toxic hazards

Qualities and Attributes of Professional Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scene cleanup is a demanding occupation. Professional crime scene cleaners must maintain composure in gruesome scenarios that will be deeply disturbing to most people.

In the United States, most states do not require a degree or certification for crime scene cleanup professionals. However, the following are necessary for crime scene cleaners:


Customers entrust crime scene cleaners with their property and belongings. Hence, utmost trustworthiness is necessary. Many crime scene cleanup companies require background checks and random drug testing as a result.


Crimes scene cleaners have to attend scenes of terrible tragedy and calamity. They are often surrounded by grieving bereaved friends and relatives. Kindness and sensitivity may provide a little reassurance to grief stricken persons.


Crime scene cleaners can expect calls at odd hours and must therefore always be mentally prepared.


Crime scene cleaners should know best practices for fast and efficient cleanup. Hence, companies train their employees on safety procedures and educate them on dangers of toxic biohazards such as bloodborne pathogen exposure as well as standard procedures for eliminating these problems.


Crime scene cleaners will have to wear full biohazard suites that include face masks, gloves, respirators and other equipment. They will have to work long hours with full equipment.


Attention to detail is imperative. Crime scene cleaners should carefully scrutinize and identify all hazards from the crime scene. Nothing should be left behind.

In order to meet safety and health requirements, crime scene cleaners must refer to official guidelines and standards set by agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute of Safety and Health. For instance, this is OSHA’s Standard on Bloodborne pathogens. 

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