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Trauma Cleanup Service: How to Hire the Right Team

How to Hire the Right Trauma / After Death Cleanup Team

When it comes to after death cleanup and biohazard remediation, hiring the right team is crucial to ensure the safety of you and the general public. Any property or establishment that’s exposed to decomposition will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before humans can re-occupy the space.

What’s rarely acknowledged in the industry is that cleaning up after death is very complex. If the cleanup was unsuccessful, the threat of acquiring serious health diseases remains. Biohazardous materials require careful handling and remediation by using the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning techniques.

Of course, these things can only be achieved by a professional team of biohazard remediation specialists. If you’re looking to hire an after death cleanup service, make sure to follow these important tips to help you make an informed choice.

How death cleanup is handled

Several problems can arise when dealing with trauma cleanup. First, exposure to bodily fluids puts you at risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and other bloodborne illnesses. Secondly is that after death cleanup goes beyond the physical cleaning as you have to make sure the whole area is free of dangerous pathogens.

Lastly, cleaning up after a person’s death requires immense fortitude, guts, and composure that’s rarely seen outside of the industry. Listed below are three of the most common issues related to trauma cleanup.

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  1. Body decomposition cleanup

Body decomposition cleanup refers to cleaning up after unexpected deaths that have been left unattended for a long time. The victim’s body has decomposed and the bodily fluids have begun seeping into furniture, wooden floors, carpets, and the like

While body decomposition is a natural process, it still poses serious health risks to humans. Aside from cleaning bodily fluids, after death cleaners must deodorise the strong, foul smell. A decomposing body creates the perfect environment for insects, bacteria, and other microorganisms to thrive.

Handling such a petrifying scenario without adequate equipment or expertise is highly dangerous which is why this type of cleanup is best reserved for professionals.

  1. Natural death restoration

When natural death occurs (i.e. suicide or accidents), there is plenty of work to do. Even the swiftest reaction times will leave the area afflicted with troubling elements. When death strikes the human body, decomposition occurs rapidly. The decay of the body itself can cause damage to the surrounding area and put others at risk. To disinfect all the surfaces in the room, a whole team of after death cleanup specialists are called upon to restore the area to a habitable state.

  1. Biohazards

The remnants of human death create a pathological problem that needs to be addressed fast. According to the US Center for Disease Control, hazardous biological substances can lead to life-threatening illnesses and in worse cases, death. Time is of the essence when dealing with biohazards to contain the spread of pathogens and preserve the condition of the surrounding area.

How to hire the right after death cleanup team

After death cleanup is a serious task that you want to entrust to the right people. The thing is that hiring the right trauma cleanup team isn’t as easy as hiring an on-call household cleanup service. Just the complex nature of dealing with uncomfortable situations makes the hiring process a bit challenging.

Here’s what you can do to ensure you’re hiring the right trauma cleanup team with full confidence.

  1. Ask the right questions

The first thing you should do before you hire a trauma cleanup service is to ask the right questions. A reputable cleanup company will have no problems attending to your concerns and are very professional with their approach. Aside from that, you should consider asking these three questions to highlight their legitimacy as a company:

  • Is your team fully insured and possess the required training and certifications?
  • What can I expect from your services? And how much will your rates be?
  • How can you guarantee my privacy? Will I be able to grieve in peace after availing of your service?
  1. Read the reviews

It’s worth doing your research online and highlighting after death cleanup companies that are well-received by their clients. What do the reviews say about their service? Are they professional, timely, and compassionate with their approach? Is their team composed of trained and experienced individuals?

  1. Know their cleanup process – It helps to ask the company about their cleanup process so you know what to expect from their service. As a client, you need to know what you’re paying for, even if it’s the last thing in your mind. How extensive is their cleanup process? What happens to the victim’s belongings after they have cleaned them? Do they adhere to OSHA guidelines and use the appropriate tools and equipment when cleaning?

Whether you’ve lost your loved one over suicide or natural death, you deserve to be at peace with what happened. Dealing with death is a traumatic experience in itself and the job of a trauma cleanup team is to help their clients move forward with the incident. By following these tips, you can choose the right team that will restore safety and peace to your home or establishment.

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