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What To Know About Blood Cleanup

Cleaning up blood stains can be stressful and tedious. Aside from the distressing feeling you get when you see them, these stains don’t come off quickly and easily. 

A professional blood cleanup service can help you. 

We possess the right equipment to sanitize the area, and we have several years of cleaning experience. This article will help guide you on what to do when you find a messy scene, including questions you might ask in such a situation. 

What To Do If You Encounter A Crime Scene

Obviously, death is a terrifying thought for many people. But death is inevitable. It can happen anywhere — at home, at school, in the office, or even in public.

Discovering a crime scene can be traumatizing. Whether a loved one or a stranger, it’s horrible to find a dead body anywhere.

So, what should you do if you find a scene like this? 

First, you should always call the police. They have the training necessary to gather all the evidence in a scene. In addition, they know how to transport the body to a morgue properly. 

Now that you’re just left with the bloodstains and other body fluids, what should you do?

This situation requires that you call an after-death cleanup service. Such companies are highly-experienced in cleaning up bodily fluids and can sanitize the whole area. This way, you can also take a break to try to calm down and recover from the situation.

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Virginia has a trusted cleanup service that is always available for your needs. Just call their hotline, and they’ll be there to help. 

How Long It Takes For A Body To Decompose

How the body looks will depend on the state of decomposition it’s in. Different environmental conditions also contribute to how fast it will decompose. Since bodies at a crime scene have not been embalmed, their decomposition will happen much faster.

The decomposition rate will also depend on weight, cause of death, and extraneous factors. Here’s how a body decomposes in a neutral climate:

  • 3 hours after death – Rigor mortis starts and the muscles stiffen
  • 24 hours to 72 hours – The internal organs decompose and the body emits a foul odor
  • 3 to 5 days – Body fluids begin to leak out and the skin becomes green
  • 8 to 10 days – The body turns red from decomposing blood
  • 2 weeks – The nails and teeth will fall out
  • 1 month – The body turns to liquid

After a month, only a skeleton will be left. A body’s state of decomposition will also show how long it was left there. 

Our After Death Cleanup Services

Finding a dead body can be horrifying and it’s worse if it’s a friend or family member. An after-death mess also depends on how the person died. Sometimes, it can be very bloody. 

Our expert team has years of experience working with after-death cleanup. 

  • Unattended death cleanup

We can sanitize and remove all body fluids and stains from the home of your dead loved one. This way, you won’t have to go through unnecessary stress and you can take the time to grieve. 

  • After death cleanup

Cleaning right after death can be very messy. Sometimes, there’s a lot of blood left behind and you don’t have the tools at home to remove it. Our team has the right equipment and chemicals to remove all the blood and bodily fluid stains. 

  • Suicide cleanup

In addition, suicide is one of the most devastating scenes you could discover. It can be bloody, or it could also be messy from being left unattended, so nobody wants to do the traumatizing task of cleaning up after a suicide. We can take care of this for you.

  • Crime scene cleanup

Crime scenes are another devastating scene; these are usually bloody and brutal. After you call the police, you can ask for help from our after-death cleanup. We will clear the area of all the mess left behind by the crime scene while you clear your mind. 

How We Do Our Work

We’ve had several years of expert cleanup service in Virginia. So we have a strategy when we attend to your calls. 

1. Hazard assessment

First, we evaluate the situation, so we know what equipment and chemicals to bring. 

2. Secure the area

We use some powerful chemicals to clean the area. Also, since we avoid cross-contamination, we prevent unauthorized people from being in the area. 

3. Removing the waste

Now, we can start working to remove blood stains and other bodily fluids. We use the proper protective equipment and chemicals for this job. 

4. Sanitization

Next, we make sure to deodorize the whole area to remove any remaining bacteria. 

5. Final inspection

We will make sure the area is safe before we give the go signal for you to return.

Why Should You Choose Us? 

We are the top cleanup service in Virginia, and we provide quality service. This is why people trust us. 

We also have the full range for biohazard cleanup at any scene accompanied by years of experience. In fact, we’ve been serving Virginia for over 20 years, and we’re looking forward to continuing until the future.

We also have qualified cleanup technicians. All the people on our team have OHSA and EPA training, so we follow all the guidelines to make the area safe.

We are also dedicated to giving you some consolation during a difficult time like this. Our team will do its best to provide the best service to all clients in Virginia. All that you need to do is call us at our number or visit the office. We’re always available to help you cope with finding a devastating scene.