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Aftercare is a solution driven environmental firm in Virginia and North Carolina with more than 20+ years experience in providing quality emergency response remediation services.

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Yellow vomit on a light wooden floor and a cat


Animal Waste Cleanup Services / Dog & Cat contamination cleanup / Rat & Mice disease wipe downs / Animal Hoarding Cleanup Services / Feces, Fecal and urine cleaning in Crawl Spaces / Landlord eviction cleanups.

Animals can and will destroy any area they occupy; left unattended or unnoticed the damage from feces, urine and nesting can escalate to large area losses. AFTERCARE technicians are highly experienced and trained in cleaning up after animals. With hundreds of animal contamination cleanups completed we can disinfect any area that is hazardous and return it back to a safe condition. Since 1999 we have been cleaning in all 7 cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Whether in a house, under a home, in a business or attic we can clean, dispose and disinfect it. Free Estimates and discrete services are always in our protocol. We will write up a plan to cleanup and deodorize all animal contamination to insure a satisfactory result. Animal waste is full of disease let our experts deal with the hazards to guarantee the safety of your family.


24/7 Emergency Cleaning Services in Virginia & North Carolina

Here at Aftercare, we’ve provided premium, emergency remediation services to residents and businesses in Eastern Virginia and North Carolina for nearly two decades. We specialize in cleaning up contaminated scenes that people would rather avoid, and we’re fully qualified to dispose of hazardous and contaminated materials and substances in accordance with the regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Agency and the OSHA.

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