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Animal WasteAttic Space Disinfection

Are you hearing strange sounds in your attic? Do you smell bad odors coming from under the house? Most homeowners never know critters are living with them until the problem is very noticeable and usually way out of hand.

If so don’t wait to inspect these areas; it does not take long for animal contamination to cause major damage. Most common problem will be large volume of animal feces. These critters urinate on everything in the areas they live; ruining wood, insulation, drywall and air ducts. Once this animal waste dries it becomes airborne and can enter into your home air circulation. Wild animals love to chew into air ducts which allows more contamination into your home.

Why is Aftercare the cleanup company I should hire to cleanup my animal waste problem?

Experience! Our technicians have completed hundreds of animal waste contamination projects throughout all cities in Hampton Roads. Animals carry many types of disease. Our staff will do everything we can to insure the safety of our clients. This starts with proper containment of the waste during cleanup. But it does not end there; we will remove all contamination and disinfect all areas animals have been in. Aftercare knows how these pests move and live. The microbial we use not only destroy disease they eliminate the pheromone signals left behind by animals.

What type of animal waste hoarder cleanups does Aftercare do?

  • Rat / mice contamination in attics and under homes.
  • Dog / cat contamination in attics and under homes.
  • Human fecal / urine waste in house or crawl space.
  • Possum, raccoon and squirrel contamination in attics and under homes.
  • Animal Hoarding clean outs.
  • Cat urine odor problems under houses.
  • Bird fecal waste cleanup.
  • Contaminated insulation removal.
  • Rental house / urine contaminated carpet removal.

Most cleanup projects can be completed in 1 to 2 days. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE and a custom plan for animal waste cleanup. Decontamination is what we do; returning your property to a safe, clean condition.


Our services are covered by most Homeowners Insurance Policies and/or General Business Liability.

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