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Blood Cleanup

What is involved in a blood cleanup?

Can I cleanup a Crime Scene myself?

What Chemicals should I use to cleanup blood?

Where do I dispose of the blood waste?

Will insurance pay for this service?

AFTERCARE can answer all the above questions and more just call us at (757) 535-4367

I hope you never find you need a blood cleanup service. If you do it will be sudden and without warning. It can cause anger, depression and certain confusion. For this reason AFTERCARE was created; we feel strongly that nobody connected to a Crime Scene, Trauma or Suicide should be exposed to such conditions. Whether it’s a family member, friend or co-worker the mental effect is always the same.

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Aftercare is located in Norfolk, Virginia and services Virginia Beach, VA Chesapeake, VA Portsmouth, VA Hampton, VA Newport News, VA Suffolk, VA and all counties in and around Williamsburg, Virginia. Other areas include: Eastern North Carolina. We have technicians standing by now to assist you immediately. AFTERCARE can arrive to most areas within one hour from call. AFTERCARE is certified and insured with state of the art equipment and the newest technics for disinfecting all bio-hazards from any area. We will process all insurance paper work and take care of all details from start to finish. AFTERCARE is the most trusted blood cleanup company in Virginia. FREE ESTIMATES / 24 Hour Service (757) 535-4367

The Aftercare Difference

  • There are a lot of crime scene and trauma cleanup services out there, but few can rival Aftercare’s years of experience. We’ve been in this business for nearly two decades now, and we’ve seen and cleaned them all–whether its blood, tissues, vomit, raw sewage, and more.
  • We are available during the day or at night. Crime, accidents and tragedies don’t have a set timeline, and neither do we.
  • Reasonably priced cleanup services. Plus, our services are covered by most homeowner or business liability insurance.
  • Free estimate 24 hours a day, every day of the week when you call our hotline.
  • Professional, meticulous, and discreet cleanup no matter the circumstances.
  • Authorized and most trusted biohazard and trauma cleanup provider in the Eastern Virginia and North Carolina areas.

Is it affordable? And will my homeowners or business liability insurance cover it?

Yes and yes! Cleaning up crime scenes, trauma scenes, and houses inundated by filth and raw sewage is notoriously difficult. But our services are affordable and reasonably priced. When you call us, we’ll provide you with a free estimate so there are no surprises. Moreover, our services are covered by most home and business liability insurance so we can work with your provider to give you the best price possible.


Our services are covered by most Homeowners Insurance Policies and/or General Business Liability.

Locations We Service

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Williamsburg, Virginia
Hampton, Virginia

Newport News, Virginia
Yorktown, Virginia
Portsmouth, Virginia

Chesapeake, Virginia
Moyock, NC
Kill Devil Hills, NC