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Contagious Disease Clean up experts in Virginia and North Carolina areas

  • Viral breakouts
  • COVID-19
  • C-diff
  • SARS-CoV-2
  • Tuberculosis
  • Coronavirus Contamination
  • Blood Borne Pathogenss
  • Workplace sickness

       Work areas are very susceptible to microorganisms, Viral breakouts and bacteria contamination, this is due to many humans being in contact with each other in close proximities.

       Cubicles, bathrooms, employee breakrooms and offices are constantly being shared with numerous workers; this cross-contamination breads disease and sickness. If one worker is sick it doesn’t take long for this contamination to spread to all surrounding workers. Over the years Aftercare sees more people going to work when they are not feeling well. This has resulted in a explosion of office related illnesses. Costing employers billions in lost office production.

How does a viral breakout in an office effect workers?

       The sick employee leaves the foot print for epidemic; which moves swiftly throughout all work areas. This creates a stressful environment for the entire office. Workers are constantly thinking about how safe their environment is cutting into their work production.

       Aftercare specializes in the cleaning and disinfecting work place infection breakouts. Our technicians start with a walk thru of the contaminated area to better understand the movement of the business.

       Always disinfecting high to low keeps cross contamination out of the area being cleaned. Fogging with the proper chemicals reaches many areas that are inaccessible.

       Aftercare will start with a fogging process throughout all the building. 30 min dwell time

       Our cleaners will then start to wipe down all hard surfaces from top to bottom and from back to front of business. Chemicals will be left on surfaces for proper kill times.

       Follow-up with a rinsing process to remove residue and further breakdown of contamination / sickness.

       Final disinfection mist to eliminate any airborne contamination.

       Aftercare services restore confidence to management and staff resulting in a more productive and safe environment.

        If you are a business owner or someone in charge of a commercial property and you need contagious disease disinfection service, just give Aftercare a call at 757-535-4367. Our cleaning technicians are available day and night, 7 days a week. Aftercare provides a free estimate over the phone, and our services are covered by most homeowners and business liability insurance.


Our services are covered by most Homeowners Insurance Policies and/or General Business Liability.

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