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Aftercare is a solution driven environmental firm in Virginia and North Carolina with more than 20+ years experience in providing quality emergency response remediation services.

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Dealing with the assault or death scene of a loved one or working as a manager of a property which had become a crime scene is never easy. If the shock, anger, trauma, and grief were not enough, there is a large chance that you were left behind to deal with the process of wiping up blood spill and/or tissues from the site. But did you know that you there’s no need for you to do this task on your own?

If you were left behind to clean up a crime scene, put away the mop and detergent and call Aftercare instead. Aftercare is a full-service professional cleaning company that goes beyond the ordinary. Our crime scene cleanup crew are fully trained and licensed to deal with cleanups that you never thought of doing, including difficult and depressing crime scene cleanups or unattended death scene cleanup. We serve the Virginia and North Carolina areas, and our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You barely see them in police procedurals and forensics shows, but crime scene cleaners are the unsung heroes in the aftermath of a physical assault, homicide, murder, or any other violent and fatal crime. If you’re in charge of removing all signs of a crime within a property, experience the difference with Aftercare.
  • Aftercare cleaning technicians received proper and comprehensive training from day one so they can take on the toughest cleanup jobs, which can range from complicated and unsolved homicide to a drive-by shooting.
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  • Being meticulous is second nature for Aftercare technicians. They ensure that every bit of blood and tissue are scrubbed off the walls and floor to erase all signs of the crime. But we don’t just remove blood and other biological matter; we also remove all traces of harmful chemicals in the case of an illegal lab raid.
  • Our cleaning team goes beyond regular blood and tissue removal from the cleanup site. They are also trained to prevent infection and contamination by sanitizing and disinfecting the area in case infectious bloodborne pathogens and other biohazardous wastes are present.
  • Aftercare cleaners wear the latest personal protective equipment or PPE to ensure their safety, as well as prevent potential contamination of the crime scene.
  • Aftercare crime and death scene cleanup process is tactful and discreet. We understand this can be a difficult moment, depending on the situation, that’s why we take pains to ensure that our workers are not only polite and compassionate but also mindful of your need for privacy and discretion.
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When the first responders (law enforcement officer, coroner, etc.) leave, it is the signal that crime scene cleanup specialists need to get to work. Our crime scene cleaners will assess the situation, and bring out the gears and tools necessary for the cleanup. Personal protection equipment is essential for every job. This includes a single-use protective suit, a respirator, gloves, and protective boots. Although it’s not your common cleaning procedure, regular cleaning tools, such as rags, mops, sponges, brush, and buckets, will come in handy. Durable plastic bags and containers will be brought in for proper waste disposal. Depending on the case, specialized equipment, such industrial-strength disinfectants, specialized deodorizers, shovels, enzyme solvents, and more will be used to remove whatever may be spilled on the carpet floor.

Aftercare crime scene cleaners do more than clean—they deep clean. Depending on the amount of tissue or blood left behind after the deceased is taken to the morgue or the medical examiner’s laboratory, the cleaning process can take an hour or could stretch for many days. During the cleanup, all traces of blood and other biological matter will be wiped or scrubbed away from all hard surfaces. Any bloodied portion of a carpeted floor will be removed. In cases of massive blood spatter, the entire carpet will need to be removed. Mattresses, pillows, curtains, sheets, and upholstery soaked with blood and other bodily fluids will be properly bagged and disposed of. Any solid debris, such as fragments of bones or teeth, will be removed from nooks or crannies of the property. These fragments will then be bagged and given to the medical examiner if necessary. The area will be disinfected and deodorized as necessary.

Aftercare is the number one provider of certified crime scene cleanup in Virginia and North Carolina areas. We have been serving these areas since 1999, making Aftercare one of the most experienced crime scene cleanup providers in this part of the country. Murder scene cleanup, homicide, physical assault, and other types of violent crimes always happen unexpectedly. Should any of these happen to the people you love or if you’re a property manager who is in charge of the cleanup process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 757 535 4367. We are available whether day or night, seven days a week. We offer a guaranteed response within an hour or two in case of emergencies.


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Here at Aftercare, we’ve provided premium, emergency remediation services to residents and businesses in Eastern Virginia and North Carolina for nearly two decades. We specialize in cleaning up contaminated scenes that people would rather avoid, and we’re fully qualified to dispose of hazardous and contaminated materials and substances in accordance with the regulations set out by the Environmental Protection Agency and the OSHA.

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