dirty crawl space

When Your Crawl Space Needs a Thorough Clean

dirty crawl space

In recent years, some homeowners have chosen to have a crawl space built as their homes’ foundation instead of the regular basement. Unlike basements, crawl spaces are not as expensive to build or as labor-intensive. Far fewer materials are also used when building this type of foundation than the usual basements. As the name suggests, crawl spaces are compact. Although there’s only enough room for you to crawl or kneel in, crawl spaces are handy when it comes to making sure that your plumbing and ductwork are out of sight yet easy to service.

What Can Go Wrong?

But like its larger, more spacious counterpart, there will be instances when things can sometimes go wrong. It’s damp and dark environment makes it the perfect nesting place for rats, mice, roaches, and other bugs. Mold and mildew can thrive in its moist and humid environment. Groundwater or damaged plumbing can cause flooding, while leaks and damaged insulation can cause a sudden spike in your energy bill.

Signs That You Need to Have Your Home’s Crawl Space Cleaned and Repaired

There are so many things that could go wrong when your home has a crawl space. Below is a checklist of signs that tell you it’s time to have your home’s crawl space inspected, cleaned, and repaired immediately.

  • If you haven’t taken a peek at your home’s crawl space lately but you notice foul or musty odors which seem to emanate from underneath, then it’s time to call a professional cleaning service. The foul smell can sometimes come from raw sewage leaks, mold-infested and rotted materials, or animal waste.
  • If there is no foul smell (yet) but you can sense that your floor is sagging, it can also be a sign that your crawl space needs to be looked into.
  • You notice a lot of bugs, mice, or even worse, rats scurrying in your home.
  • You can clearly see mold and mildew growing in your crawlspace.
  • Your insulation has been destroyed or is already rotting.
  • Groundwater or raw sewage had inundated your crawlspace.
  • Your home suddenly becomes too cold for comfort and your electricity bill has spiked during the last couple of months.

rat under house

How a Professional Cleaning Service Company Can Help Keep Your Crawl Space in Good Shape

The first thing you should know about having your home’s crawl space maintained is that regular domestic cleaners simply won’t do, such as cleaning our raw sewage from the crawl space. Crawl spaces are notoriously difficult to access, and the amount and type of work that needs to be done are not within the bounds of what residential cleaners can do. You need to call a professional cleaning service provider in your area which specializes in cleaning basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Technicians are trained and better-equipped to clean hard-to-reach places and dispose of biohazardous materials, such as animal waste or raw sewage.

Your crawl space will be inspected once you’ve enquired to have your home serviced by a professional cleaning service provider. The technician will conduct a thorough check if your wood joists or your floorboards have signs of excess moisture, as well as of mold or mildew. Other important parts of the crawl space that will be assessed are the insulation (whether yours is in in a good shape or it’s sagging, torn, or damaged by moisture) and the ventilation.

Your crawl space issues will then be addressed after a thorough inspection. If the problem is your flooring—whether it’s the growth of mold and mildew or the excessive moisture in beams, floorboards or floor joists—this will be addressed immediately. Damaged floor joists and floorboards will be replaced immediately to prevent further structural damage.

If your crawl space insulation is the primary reason why your house is drafty, then you will need to have the insulation material replaced. Replacing the insulation is something that your technician can do. Damaged insulation material will be removed and disposed of, and a new one will be installed on the floor and the walls of your home’s crawl space.

The house’s ventilation will then be addressed. Cleaning technicians will ensure that your foundation’s ventilation openings are functioning as they should and that any damaged vent will be replaced. As for other issues, such as the presence of pests and flooding, these can also be addressed by a professional cleaning service provider.